Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I finally got my assignment!!! I will be working for The Hunger Project in Kashongi town, Kiruhura District! This is just north of Mbarara, a major city of 100,000+ people, about 5 hours southwest of Kampala. The Hunger Project is a huge international NGO and I am so excited to be working for them. Here's the information I was given:

Purpose and goals (for my chapter/office):
- To eradicate extreme poverty
- To achieve Universal Primary Education
- To promote gender equality and empower women
- To reduce child mortality
- To improve maternal health
- To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
- To ensure environmental sustainability
- To develop global partnership for development

Proposed job description:
- Adult literacy education
- Health education on malaria prevention and control, nutrition, HIV/AIDS
- Hygiene promotion
- Community outreaches on immunization and health education
- Involve in income generating activity projects
- Assist in reporting
- Sports for children

I'm incredibly excited about the variety of projects I could work on. I think it's a relatively new branch of The Hunger Project, so it sounds like I get to help them gauge which projects would work best in the community (and what I would like to work on, too). I'm going on a site visit tomorrow to check out my organization, meet my counterparts and superviser, and see my house! I've been told it's a 2-room house with no electricity or running water. It's supposedly next to my counterpart's home on the compound where my office is located (yay for a short commute!).

The area where I'll be living isn't quite in the mountains like I had been hoping, but it's supposed to be in a beautiful hilly region nicknamed "The Land of Milk and Honey" because of how many cows and how much honey is produced there. YUM! I'll post pictures and let you know the real details of my site when I get back in a few days!

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