Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Solar Panel!

Here's a photo of the solar panel on the roof! My house is the right half of the duplex. Once I get a little more furniture and decor, I'll take pictures of the inside.

The small window is my kitchen, and the blue door goes into the main house. Note the good-looking puppy on the porch. :)


Tasha said...

This is such a cute little house!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Britt!
I will be heading to Uganda in February for Peace Corps and I was wondering about packing. In terms of clothing is there anything you wished you had brought or ended up not needing at all? Thanks!


Diane said...

Hi Britt, Happy late Thanksgiving and Merry early Christmas.

Your house looks great and your puppy is so sweet.

I leave for Tanzania Jan 5-19. Things are going well with the community projects. In Naitolia the water is almost done and we've supported the buidling of a school kitchen.

We all miss you here as CASID.

Take Care, Diane

Britt Larson said...

Hi Rachel! Congrats on your invite and welcome to Peace Corps-Uganda!

Ohhh packing - we all stressed about it, probably too much. One hint - don't worry too much about the 80-pound weight limit. The morning of departure, I freaked when I realized my bags totaled 86 pounds, and started frantically tossing things out that I really wanted to bring (like extra books, shirts, etc.). When we showed up for our group flight to Uganda, I saw other people check two 50-pound bags each with no penalty. While I can't recommend you go to the full 100 pounds, if you're a few over 80, don't sweat it.

Clothing - you can't have too many knee-length or longer skirts. For tops, bring some that are a little snug - they will stretch with handwashing. Sleeveless shirts are fine here despite what PC says. Bring a pair of jeans and a top for going out with friends. I'm glad I brought a light cardigan as mornings/evenings and rainy days can get cool. I'm also happy I brought a couple of pairs of capri pants. I wish I hadn't bought dressy shoes for swearing-in and other nice events before coming, as there are tons of nice shoes and clothes available here in the markets and for very cheap prices. Ugandan women definitely like to be "smart" (well-dressed). But the most important thing is to bring clothes you actually like! You'll be wearing the same clothes week in and week out.

Hope that helps! Feel free to send more questions at Enjoy your last couple of months in the States!

Anonymous said...

Britt, Thanks for the fast reply and advice! I'll be sure to e-mail you if I have anymore questions.