Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recent Photos

Waiting to go pick up my mom at the airport (she lands in an hour!) and our super-nice hotel has super-fast internet, so I'll upload some pics I've been meaning to for a long time:

Mural painted at the Peace Corps 50th Celebration

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lioness, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Elephant with the Rwenzori Mountains, Queen Elizabeth National Park

Peace Garden - our team's project at the Peace Corps 50th

Children dancing in my village


a HUGE puff adder at the agricultural college where I've been teaching (it's dead)

The kids at the Epicenter nursery school

My supervisor, James (left), with our Epicenter chairman at his matooke plantation

Women weighing their babies at our monthly immunization day


Vince Luckie said...


Great photo's regarding the Safari and other PC ctivites!

You and your Mom must be so excited to be spending time together and visiting!

I hope you have a very special visit....I'm sure you will!

Have an awesome visit with Mom and Be Safe!

Vince Luckie
(Ryan's Dad)

tibbyme said...


are snakes common? they terrify me! i'll be headed to uganda in august =).

also, is that your dog? I was wondering if it is, will you be taking him/her home when you're done with service? do you know how much it costs to do so?


tiff (