Saturday, July 12, 2008

2 hours in Zimbabwe

This morning, I decided to go to Zimbabwe just to see Vic Falls from that side of the border. I'm glad I did - the view is more extensive and, I think, better than from Zambia. I can also add another country to my roster! I took a local minibus for 60 cents to the border, walked from Zambia across the bridge to Zimbabwe, then strolled around at the Falls for a while. It was amazing coming back to Zambia and realizing how many Zimbabweans are not just fleeing the country, but simply coming over the border to buy food because there's no good food in Zimbabwe. I held a 50 billion dollar note in my hand from Zim - that's how bad inflation is there. And that note? Worth about $10, if you're lucky.

I watched a few bungee jumpers from the Victoria Falls bridge and got nervous just watching them. Tonight, I'll meet my overland group (although I've already met a few girls in my group and they seem really fun). Then tomorrow is white water rafting, and then onwards to Botswana.

Other events in the past few days: a microlight flight over Vic Falls (incredible!!! such a beautiful view of the falls, the setting sun, and animals on the Zambezi River, including a bunch of elephants. I even got to fly for a minute, which is another item on my Bucket List!), curio shopping (spent too much money. again.), hanging out at Jollyboys with new friends, and changing lots of Zambian kwacha into US dollars. Niagara Falls cannot compare to Victoria Falls - Vic Falls is twice as high, I think twice as long, the forest around it is lush and pristine, and it just evokes a sense of power and raw nature that Niagara can't even touch. Just breathtaking. You also get completely soaked by the spray coming off the falls - it's literally like being in a monsoon. The locals call it "Mosi-oa-Tunya", which means 'the smoke that thunders' - and that's probably the perfect description.

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